11th Oct 2016

My husband and I went to Maui, Hawaii last week for our 1 year wedding anniversary. I cannot believe its already been a whole year since we got married. Its crazy how fast time flies.

We got to Maui on a Friday afternoon and the thing I love about getting to Hawaii is that its 3 hours behind San Diego time so you have a whole day practically, even after a 5 hour flight. 

We stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua which is an amazing resort. The views are incredible and the service is amazing. The grounds are very well kept and the pool is my favorite by far out of any pool. 

I wanted to visit the "Heart Shaped Rock" and we found it! Absolutely stunning views!

We got to hang out with some turtles. I cant believe how big these guys are and how they are just out swimming around right next to you.

We did the Road to Hana one day and this was quite an experience. Its absolutely beautiful and there are so many different things to see. Its is a full on day  though so be prepared to be in the car for a long drive. It took us 8 hours and the roads are windy and a bit scary at times, totally worth it though. Beautiful Black Sand beach along the RTH.

Hiking to go check out a waterfall

This setting was amazing!

We got to snorkel the Molokini Crater. SO cool and got to see so many fishies

Tom jumping off Black Rock!

We went to the old Lahaina Luau and it was a pretty good show and good food and great drinks (and plenty of them)! The setting is amazing and right on the water!

If I were a beer, I would be a Bikini Beer. This is my favorite new beer and I really wish I could find it in California..

On our anniversary day, we went and got matching tattoos on our wrists. Its the sound waves of the other saying "I Love You"

After tattoos we went and had lunch and then drove to the Secret Beach to have photos taken. I had booked a photographer to do an anniversary shoot for us and I'll post those pictures once I get them!

Cheers to 1 amazing year! I brought our champagne glasses with us thqt we used on our wedding day that say MR. and MRS on them so we could have atoast!

What an amazing trip and I have to say I am in love with Hawaii... Until next time...