7th Dec 2016

Last month I had the chance to visit Iceland with two girlfriends, Ari and Meaghan, and wow, what a beautiful place. Usually my vacations consist of locations with lots of sun, beach and tropical drinks so this was definitely a different experience but I am so glad that I got to visit this amazing country. 

We flew out of San Diego and stopped in Portland (to break the flight times up a bit). From Portland, it was a 7 hour flight to Reykjavik. With a 7 hour time difference, we landed at 8 AM, got our rental car and went straight to out hotel to pass out after almost 24 hours of traveling.

We woke up around 3pm and had only about an hour of daylight left. This time of year in Iceland (November), it gets light out around 10 am and gets dark around 4pm. We ventured out of our hotel to walk around a bit and see our home for the next few days.

Our first night consisted of dinner and some drinks at a place called Public House. This place was so yummy (and well prices) that we went there twice for dinner on this trip. Try the Faux Pizzas if you go there!

After dinner we went to a brand new bar called Pablo Disco Bar. This place was super cool with a good DJ and lots of action, and they had a menu section of pink drinks!!

he next day (also my birthday, YAY!), it was time to snorkel the Silfra Fissure. This fissure is the only place in the world where you can swim between two tectonic plates, Eurasia and North America. The water itself is the clearest water in the world with visibility of about 100 feet. The water is also absolutely freezing (ok, about 30 degrees). You swim in a dry suit though so you dont actually get wet, with the exception of your face  and hands. Here is us before we got in the water!

There I go, swimming away. Sometimes the suits can get a little leak but thankfully mine didnt and I stayed completely dry. My hands were frozen though. You only swim for about 30 minutes max which was fine because i was ready to get my clothes back on and get in the car with the heater blasting.

After our snorkel we started to drive back to Reykjavik for the night but made a few stops along the way. One stop was to check out "Geysir" also know as "The Great Geysir" is a huge blowhole that shoots out boiling water. Pretty cool!

After Geysir, we continued driving and stopped to see an enormous waterfall named Selfoss. I have never seen as many beautiful pink sky as I did in Iceland. This shot was taken at Selfoss Waterfall and pictures do it no justice.

The following morning we got up early to start a 5 hour drive east where we would be staying in hopes of seeing the Northern Lights later that night. 

The ice at the base of this waterfall looked like crystals and pearls. I was in bling bling heaven.

One stop along the way was at a beautiful black sand beach in a town called VIK. It was way too cold for bikinis at this beach but so pretty and peaceful. There were so many cool rock formations here.

The crazy thing about Iceland is that you can see two different looking countries in one day. At first it was snowing and grey and then all of a sudden it felt like we were in some sunny warm country side like Nebraska ...

This is the only shot I could capture of the Northern Lights. Its really difficult to get a good shot without professional camera equipment because of how dark it is. We got to see the lights for about 15 minutes and this was one of the cooler things I've ever seen.

The next day it was time to go glacier hiking. I know I have said this about 10 times already but THIS was the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. These glaciers in person are so amazing and blue and they look like glass! This area was called Glacier Bay.

All you could see for miles was this view. Mountains and snow. You felt like you were on a different planet for a second. You can see anything for miles except white.

Here is me inside the Glacier. This photo isnt edited or touched up in any way. The Ice really is that blue. Its amazing.

On our last full day, it was time to visit the Blue Lagoon but we made a stop on the way to make some new friends, some cute little Icelandic Horses. These horses are SOOOOO cute and sweet.

My goal on this trip was to get a picture of me, in one of my bikini designs, in the snow.... and I have to say... Goal. Hit....

The Blue Lagoon is such a cool place. The water is so warm, about 100 degrees or so. They give you a wristband to wear so that any drinks you order go onto the band and then you close out your tab at the end of  the day when you leave. Of course, we had our Koozies with us at all times!

Blue Lagoon Booty's. I made my friend Ari and I matching Blue Lagoon inspired bikinis for this day!

After the Blue Lagoon we headed back to our hotel in Reykjavik for our last and final night. The next day we woke checked out of our hotel and then got to walk around downtown for one last time. If you get a chance to visit Iceland, this time of year is definitely recommended. Reykjavik is all lit up and decorated for Christmas so it makes the town feel even more magical than it already is. Below is a shop that was full of beautiful Christmas ornaments and they had a box where you could mail a letter to Santa. So cute!

Iceland is definitely cold so if you do go, make sure to wear lots of layers and have a good thick down jacket and mittens and scarves. This was one of my favorite trips by far. Its not a place I would normally chose to go to on my pwn but I am so happy I got to experince this beautiful country.