Fit Guide


Bikini Butt Cuts

Each Womens & Bridal Bikini bottom comes with your choice of Butt Cut to show off more or less of your Bum.

1. Cheeky (Regular cut, a normal amount of coverage)
2. Cheekier (More Bum showing, the back is about the same size as the front)
3. Cheekiest (Thong cut, the majority of your bum will be showing)


  Size Chart

All items are custom made to order from start to finish to ensure a perfect fit. If you are unsure on what size to order or require a size not shown here, use the form below. Designs do run true to size. Depending on the amount of coverage you want, sizing up or down is recommended. If you are a full C Cup, but would like less coverage, a B top should be sufficient. If you prefer a good amount of coverage, a C Cup top should be sufficient.